Professional Massage 2016 provides both Swedish massage, traditional Chinese Tui na, cupping massage, prenatal massage, and acupuncture. We have holistic practitioners can do the relaxing and sleep aid manual treatment.  For therapeutic treatment of muscle and soft tissue problems, and insurance claim receipt, you must book our registered therapist.

Massage and acupuncture by registered therapist are covered by many extended health care benefit insurance. Our massage therapists (RMTs) and acupuncturist can issue insurance claim receipt for you. For regular clients, we are also able to do direct billing depends on clients’ insurance company and insurance policy. Some insurance plan need a doctor’s referral to cover your massage treatment. Make sure you know your benefit coverage policy if you want to use your benefit.

Address: 22 Metropolitan Road,  M1R 2T6

Located near Warden and HWY 401 Southside, in Knight Inn Hotel. Parking available and easy access by TTC route 68

Tel: 6478709722

E-mail: contact@professionalmassage.ca