Our opening hours are mainly appointment based, available from 1 PM to 8 PM, please make sure you book before coming. Our services include Swedish Massage, Tuina, Cupping and Acupuncture. For special needs such as couple massage, pregnancy massage, wheelchair massage, please call or text message to 6478709722, or by E-mail:  to confirm.

All treatments are provided by registered therapists, and will offer you insurance claim receipts. We also can do direct insurance billing to most insurance companies for regular clients.

The acceptable payment methods are magstripe credit cards we-take-square,Interac e-Transfer and cash. Currently, we don’t accept debit card. All listed prices are subject to HST except acupuncture by R.Ac.

We also do home visit treatment, price vary according distance travel and other factors, please contact for details.

Massage and Tuina Price List

Treatment DurationRegular Price
30 minutes$45.00
45 minutes$65.00
60 minutes$80.00
75 minutes$99.00
90 minutes$120.00

Acupuncture Price

Duration Price (free HST)
60 min85
45 min70